Nicky’s News: November 2019

Nicky is swearing this November…

…swearing off FU*K!NG NEGATIVITY that is!

Uplifting photos will be shared and positive affirmation video messages will be sent…or naughty ones if that’s what you’re into. Meet & Greet Tour Finale hugs will be given, OMWF lyrics will be sung, and Nicky’s asking for Heroes to Unite and be slayers in their community.

Before November is completely eclipsed by the December holidays, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a Nicky NO FU*K!NG NEGATIVITY! video message…I’ll explain everything below, so keep reading.

In this issue…

Nicky’s NO FU*K!NG NEGATIVITY November

This November, Nicky is sending out video messages to anyone who makes a purchase of $50 or more from the official shop*. At checkout, use code “Positive” for a video including a positive affirmation or code “NaughtyNicky” for a not so clean affirmation. You will receive your video via email download after your order is completed. Please allow 1-2 weeks for video to be available.

*Excludes merchandise fulfilled by 3rd parties.

Nicholas Brendon visits Potions in New Orleans for the Happiness Runs Amok Tour Finale!
(November 16)

Buy tickets at the Nicky Store.

A Buffy Cabaret starring Nicholas Brendon (the one & only Xander Harris) is coming to Las Vegas!
(November 23)

Get your tickets today at The Space LV online Box Office.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s & “Once More, with Feeling” are the property of Disney and other related entities. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.

New Merchandise Available!



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Heroes Unite and Slay In Your Community with Nicholas Brendon this November

Nicholas Brendon: Mental Health Advocate

Nicholas Brendon's Official Page announces Speaking to the Heart with Nicholas Brendon team up on Facebook through Mental Health Advocate Group

Looking for a little peer support when going through tough times?

Nicky has partnered with the Speaking to the Heart Podcast Network to provide a space for people to talk about their mental health struggles, assist others, and find helpful resources.

Click here to check out the Nicholas Brendon: Mental Health Advocate Group on Facebook.

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Nicky is one-of-a-kind & so are his paintings…become a Supporter for your chance to receive one!

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