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The Nicholas Brendon December Newsletter is finally here…just in the “Nick” of time!

Hello to all of you splendidly extraordinary beautiful beings!

Now 2019 is almost a memory and as I look back on this odd…numbered year I think of all of the amazing and brilliant and sensitive and kind people I met either at my events or at cons or just walking down the street in a foreign city.

If it wasn’t for you all, I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this “odd” numbered year. I thank you all for your love and support and for shit that I don’t even know you’ve done. That’s called Altruism and I love you all for it.

I’m on a hiatus right now filling my tanks back up, so to speak, and doing things that I love but that I also find at times incredibly frustrating…IF YOU OVER PAINT A CANVAS, IT TURNS A COLOR THAT SHOULD ONLY BE SEEN IN TOILETS!

My writing and photography don’t torment me as much. They are my passions and the definition of passion is suffering so I’m right on track on that front.

I hope to get back on the road again at some point next year, because truth be told I miss the fuck out of seeing you all.

Love to you all and 2020 is going to be a dandy of a year; all things being even that is.


In this issue…

Nicky's Live Spander Fanfic Reading New Year's Eve!

Join Nicholas Brendon this New Year’s Eve at 4 PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific where he will read a Spander (Spike/Xander) fan fiction story LIVE on Facebook. You can find all of the details at this link.

This is something he has been hoping to do for a while but because this live reading contains adult content, we needed a way to make sure that it wouldn’t be available to children. In order to do this, you must have an active Facebook Nicholas Brendon Supporter Subscription*.

Nicky will read the beginning of the story to all of his Facebook followers and then will cut away to Supporters only once he reaches the explicit material.

If you are unable to become a Supporter right now but still would like a copy, we are also hoping to make it available for sale at a later date. Sign up for the blog to be notified.

*The fan fiction story will contain adult content. This reading is for those with an active Facebook Nicholas Brendon Supporter Subscription only. This is to make sure it is understood that it’s not appropriate for children. To find out more about becoming a supporter, follow this link.

Check out the “Spander” inspired blog post on Sarah’s new custom jewelry website, 1.Of.A.Kind.Mind.

Cameos, Video Calls, Messages & New 8X10's Available

Nicky has had such an amazing time making Cameo videos for his fans. He’s been asked to do everything from reciting a few Xander lines to doing the Snoopy Dance. Check them out (or get your own!) at this link!

Due to popular request, we’ve also added voicemail messages, phone calls, and video calls. Find out more in the shop.

Cameo Video Message

Get a personal video message from me!
Want a special birthday message or shout-out? A Xan-Man quote from the man that was Xan? For me to sing a few bars of your favorite song or read a few lines from your favorite book? Book me on Cameo and I can make these dreams (and many more!) a reality!!!

Phone Calls & Messages

Autographed Photos

We were also starting to get bored with the same 8X10 photos in the autograph shop so Sarah & T added about 40 more pictures to choose from. If you don’t see the one you want, send us an email and let us know what you’d like!

Butt Force Trauma

a story by Nicky Brendon
Listen to my Audio Reading

I said, “well that’s cathartic,” lightheartedly. The glare I got back was just arctic.

A large fart seemed to have departed from her hindquarters.

I paid her glare back in kind, and remarked on the fart that came from her behind.

“I fear for your rear my dear, as it’s in arrears with everything you hold dear. I don’t want to interfere with the rumblings from your rump, but that has everyone stumped, my dearest.”

I tried to sound sincere but the smirk on my face, and the cheer in my voice, erased all the good grace and rejoice as I spoke.

“As if I had a choice,” she barked back.

“Your butt sounds like the Bismarck’s ship horn warning all that she’s about to disembark,” I cracked back. “What’s your zodiac sign again?” I ask. “Are you a fire or a gas…? And if you say fire, I’ll call you a liar, because I’m not a buyer of whatever your selling.

“Oh dear lord! Now the scent of stench will not relent. Did something expire inside of you…?

“There’s some sort of wretchedly wrong monstrosity in you with a ferocious animosity, from what I can see – well smell, not see, is what I really mean.

“Good God! I do admire the resolve required to still be here as people leer at you. It almost has me inspired.

“What occupier inside of you could possibly be the supplier of such an unsavory, disgustingly offensive, fetid, vile defile? Good lord, the stench…well, she’s hanging around awhile.

“Remind me again, in the army what was your stank and file? We need call in air support! Tell them we’ve come up on hostile enemy fire!”

“I am beguiled by none of this,” she bemoans.

“Whatever is inside of you, my lady, abort it immediately,” I extorted.

She purported that her bottom felt like it was all contorted, and that right now she needs to be supported. At least until we get this whole sordid affair sorted.

I looked towards this woman that I adored so. Her words had really struck a cord.

So in accordance with her wishes, I glanced at my lady, that I love so, and I said, “you got it, Joan.”

She looked at me askance. Her eyes always had me in a trance. There was no compromise. Her eyes were always the great equalizer.

I looked at her again, and this time I over emphasized, “You. Got. It. Joan. I love you baby.”

And as we walked out of the hospital room where the love of my life was being seen, I said with sardonic qualities, “when did you militarize your tush, Jojo?”

She pushed me, lovingly.

“What?” I say, as I patted her tush.

Some things are unforeseen. Like Joan’s love for me, and her Frankenstein like farts; I tried so hard to comply.

1.Of.A.Kind.Mind Grand Opening

Many of you will have met Sarah Allison during the Nicky Brendon Meet & Greets or seen her on some of the Facebook live events. She has recently launched her own custom jewelry line. Please check out her shop and sign up for the newsletter!

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