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Hindsight Survey Results

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Planning for the Nicky Brendon 2020 tour has begun. We’ve started looking at the Hindsight Survey Results.

It’s not too late to let Nicky know what you’d like. Be sure to sign up for the blog to get all of the latest updates!

Note: Twitter has a limit of 4 poll options. Options in italics are available on Facebook and Twitter.

What meet & greet events would you like in 2020?

Watch Party175148323
Lunch/Dinner Meal21145256

What Facebook LIVE events would you like in 2020?

Watch Parties9535130
Q&A Sessions542478
Fanfic Readings361955
Nicky’s Choice48048
Caraoke/ Karaoke262046
Art & Photography Discussions30030
Poetry Readings19019
Preview New Merchandise14014

Which fanfic couple should I read next?

Xander /Spike15154169
Xander /Willow2882110
Xander /Anya299101
Xander /Buffy969101
Xander /Cordelia14014
Xander /Giles606
Xander /Dawn202

Which of my creative projects is your favorite?

Meet & Greet Tour28681367
Original Painting /Artwork50100150
Nicky’s Choice1090109
Writing & Poetry573289
Movies/ Script Writing37037

Which of my Animal Paintings is your favorite?

“Nicky Moved” Emu8941130
“Scared Nitwit” Parrot642993
“Deter Riffraff” Giraffe593190

Which label color do you like the best?

White Font9462156
Aqua Font7120127
Black Font286189
Pink Font154762
Slightly Askew by Nicholas Brendon Black Label

Are you interested in the new Autograph Club?

I would LOVE to join but can’t until later 🙁8046126
I would LOVE to join right away 🙂383371
I’m not really interested in joining182038

Join the Nicholas Brendon Autograph Club

Autograph Club Details & FAQ’s

Monthly Club Options
Yearly Club Options

Send-in Program

Contact us if you have a special keepsake that you want Nicky to sign. We can quote you a send-in price!

Wholesale Pricing

Contact us if you need 10 or more items signed. Wholesale pricing is available.

The only 100% direct source of Nicholas Brendon autographs and memorabilia is NickyBrendon.com.

Are you more likely to become a Facebook Supporter if Autograph Club is included?

Much More Likely20
Somewhat More Likely0
Neither More or Less Likely1
Somewhat Less Likely0
Much Less Likely0

Nicholas Brendon Supporter Subscription
Exclusive content, live videos, fanfic and poetry readings, and artwork previews. All for a small monthly subscription fee.

What is your favorite Newsletter/Blog format?

Whichever is Easier46046
WordPress Blog191130
MailChimp Newsletter2810

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About Nicholas Brendon

NICHOLAS BRENDON is an American ActorWriter, and Artist. He is best known for playing “Xander Harris” in the cult television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played fan favorite “Kevin Lynch” on Criminal Minds. View his complete list of acting work at IMDB.

Nicky spent the last two years touring the United States and Europe to help raise mental health awareness. This included his 2018 Kicking Depression in the Ballsack Tour and his 2019 Happiness Runs Amok…Because I Give Amok! Tour. Stay updated on his Facebook page.

Nicky recently discovered a love of painting. He has been creating new designs at a crazy pace to share with his fans. Imagine the creative chaos that ensues! Check out Nicky’s artwork, photography, and merchandise in the shop.


  1. I love karaoke with Nicky but I also hope you guys come to Albuquerque,NM again

  2. Hi this is Johnny from NC! Today’s my 40th birthday and my momma bought me the card/auto/ video monthly subscription. It’ll be under her PayPal/email, but it’s supposed to come to me. It didn’t have a option to say if it was for someone else or what your bday was. Can you help?

      1. Oh good Theresa. I freaked and cancelled my monthly till I can use my PayPal, but the first month went through.

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