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Thank You Broward County Public Schools – T.A.L.K. Mental Health Campaign

Mental Health Campaign

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day! I am honored to have been recognized by Broward County Public Schools for spreading awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. More importantly, thank you to BCPS for understanding the seriousness of mental illness and for offering the avenues of support through their Mental Health Campaign. Keep up the great work! You are truly path finders. Please check out http://bcps-mentalhealh.com and spread the word!

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6 thoughts on “Thank You Broward County Public Schools – T.A.L.K. Mental Health Campaign”

  1. Hello There Happy Holidays <3 a few years back we met you in Indy and you scolded my Daughters ex for us 😉 She has came a long way out of depression since then and you played a hand in that. What im wondering is can i ask yet another favor of you PLEASE!!My Daughter entered contest NOW VOICE THIS she has been moved on to round two but a % of winning is likes and sharing. We are not huge social creatures and if you could just like and share her video it may help her advance forward. Its been her dream since she learned to talk. Thanks a pushy but well meaning Mom 😉 here is her video to click::

  2. G,day mate from cold Melbourne Australia. You ever get down this way for comicon, or other fan base. Kinda shows? I’m your age, been thru similar life stresses. Won’t bore you. Your an inspiration mate,
    Dwayne Richings
    Mornington peninsula

  3. Recently you liked a comment I made to you on twitter. That made my life! I still can’t believe that Nicholas Brendon actually took the time to like something I said to him, i’m completely star struck. I’m a HUGE fan of yours, of course Buffy and also criminal minds. I hope it was you and not like a manager of yours or something, I wrote “Your such an amazing actor, I cant wait to see what you do next”. I support you. I know that you’ve suffered from depression, as well as I. I’ve listened to interviews, and seen your acting, its beautiful and I know that you are an amazing and beautiful human being. I got so excited after you liked my comment that I googled your name on youtube and saw the Dr.Phil episode where you walked off stage, if I were you I would have to. He wanted to sell an episode, he’s a poor excuse for a doctor, obviously he likes controversy thats whats important to him. I know despite public legal issues that have been released your work shows your true soul. And thank you, without the show buffy I would never gotten through my darkest times, and to this day it provides me comfort, and without you it never would have worked. So obviously I owe my happiness and strength to you. Thank you again. Erica Edmondson 951-301-3903 29091 Lakehurst Ct. Menifee, CA

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