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Rocky Horror Nicky Show

Rocky Horror Nicky Show Facebook Event

Are you ready for Rocky Horror Nicky Show!?!?!

Event Teaser Video Guest Starring Anthony Stewart Head

Whether you are a repeat watcher of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or just now joining Nicky who is also watching for the first time, you’re in excellent company! Let me spell out the event details, cult classic’s traditions, and the GIVEAWAYS!!!

Watch Nicky’s First Public “Sweet Transvestite” Performance

Get Interactive

Easy Guide For Other Virgins – Cited: The Tolls Of Madess

Why only callout from your couch? You can comment on the live stream from Facebook, tag friends you’ve watched it with or that has the name of the character you’re yelling to! Share the stream with comment of only the callback (i.e. SAY IT!!! Facebook.com/nicholasbrendon/live).

Want To Throw Things & Shout Out?


Want TO Dress Up Too?

Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume Idea found on Pinterest by: Genevieve Gesser

Check Your Closet & Post A Selfie “Do It” @NicholasBrendon before/during/after the event on any social media platform. Image Source

Want To Dance?

Time Warp Dance Moves
Join Nicky as he learns to Time Warp! Image Source

Want Free Gifts?

See Items in Nicky’s Store or 1.Of.A.Kind.Mind’s Store

Although they are up for grabs, it is random, and quantities and sales are LIMITED! Nicholas Autographed photo is available for $25 today ONLY! It’s only $10 more to receive a video of him signing and reading it out loud! RHPS Inspired Jewelry Pendants ARE ON SALE $25 or you can Create Your Own for $30 for a limited time.
* Separate Shipping costs will be added.
* Only Star Senders will apply for both and must be of at least 500 stars of the Pendant’s requirements.
*A few random live participants will also receive autographed photo (see more details in live stream).

1 of a kind mind rocky horror pendant options
Visit Store & See Available Options

Lastly! Here’s How To Find Cool RHPS Memorabilia

More About RHPS Origin

‘Rocky Horror.’ The story devolves into a string of murders, orgies, and cannibalism (in that order), until it is revealed that Frank-N-Furter and his associates are in fact aliens from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. Brad and Janet are finally set free just before the castle lifts off into outer space.

In a time before streaming television, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was an event that brought people together. Gay and straight came from afar in stockings and heels to belt out choruses of Tim Curry’s catchy introduction solo, ‘Sweet Transvestite,’ offering a chance for many who felt at the fringe of society over their sexual or gender identities to express themselves in a non-judgmental (encouraging, even!) atmosphere. While it’s easy enough now to learn where and how to participate in a performance, in the days before internet, the only way to be incorporated into the traditions of TRHPS was strictly by invitation and instruction by veterans who had previously attended events.

Source: Culture Trip read more here!

Event & Giveaway FAQ

-One or more participants will be randomly chosen to receive a special Rocky Horror Nicky Show autographed keepsake. Just watch live to find out how to participate!
-Star Goal for special performance is 20,000 stars received during the live stream cumulatively.

–If reached, Nicky will send out…
1) a keepsake autograph to a lucky Star Sender with one video message – the more people that watch, the more we will give away!
3) one lucky participant will be chosen from anyone that sends more than 500 stars during the live stream to receive a special Rocky Horror inspired key pendant custom-designed by Sarah Allison of 1 Of A Kind Mind!
Note: This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook. It is open to any participant watching the event live that is over 18 in countries, states, and territories were such giveaways are legal.
-If your name is called or tagged as a recipient during the live event, please email Info@NickyBrendon.com for information on how to receive your giveaway.
You may see all of Sarah Allison’s jewelry 1 Of A Kind Mind Store or send a message with questions or custom inquiry through Facebook!

Do I need a ticket to join?
-No! You must tune in live on Facebook.com/NicholasBrendon/Live to participate and have the chance of having your comments read or answered or NickyBrendon.TV.

Why is Rocky Horror Rated R?
-Rated R for strong sexual content, brief violence, and some language. The film is a spoof and homage of the Sci-Fi and Horror genre of the 1950s and 1960 but the film has a comedic tone throughout. Must be at least 18 years old to view!

What are Stars and how do I send them?
-Click Buy Stars to purchase additional Stars. Select the pack of Stars you’d like to buy (example: 250 Stars). Select your payment option, then click Pay Now. Click Done.
-To send Stars, go to a video creator’s page participating in Facebook Stars, usually on a live video. Your balance of Stars will be displayed in the top left. Drag the slider left or right to select the amount of stars you want to send, or type a custom amount and click Send.

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