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Announcing the Happiness Runs Amok Tour…because I give amok!

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Announcing the Nicholas Brendon Happiness Runs Amok Tour…because I give amok!



MARCH 2019


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Planning for 2019 has just begun and these are only the first few dates. Be sure to take the survey to help plan the rest of the year.

Comic Cons

Nicky loves going to local conventions and meeting fans but his appearances are based on the requirements of each event. The best bet is to e-mail your local comic con and let them know you’d like Nicky to be invited as a guest and get all your friends to do the same!

(Let them know they can e-mail Theresa@NickyBrendon.com to inquire about his availability.)

Meet & Greets

Nicky tries to do Meet & Greet events in as many places as possible. Often he pairs them with comic cons due to travel requirements. However if there is enough interest in a location we can find a way to make it work. Typically it takes a minimum of 10 people for an event to be scheduled around a comic con and 20 people to travel to a specific location separately from a comic con.

If you think your city would be a good place for Nicky to visit, the best way is to try to get the word out to the local Buffy fans!


  1. Create a video – Make a short video telling us why we should come to your city. Enlist local fans. Contact your local bowling alley or karaoke place and see if you can video tape or take pictures. Work with your local chamber of commerce to spread the word. You don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want. Be creative! You can e-mail the link to the video to Theresa@NickyBrendon.com and we might share it on Nicky’s social media to help get other local fans to vote for your city.
  2. Contact local venues – Ask around at local comic book shops or nerd hang-out and see if they would want to sponsor an event.
  3. Contact local comic cons – A comic con in you area might want to invite Nicky as a guest and host a special event as part of the weekend.
  4. Organize other fans – Find like-minded fans in the area and see if they are able to help out.

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6 thoughts on “Announcing the Happiness Runs Amok Tour…because I give amok!”

  1. I’m a huge Comic Con fan, an avid Nicky follower and a volunteer captain with Salt Lake FanX and I would LOVE to see you back here in Salt Lake City, Utah this year for one of our amazing events. I didn’t see that you were currently scheduled elsewhere over our weekend in September, so maybe we can make that happen if all of us band together here and get that going (I’ll get our fans on it pronto)!! If so, ironically, I also have connections at a local, well known, beautiful bowling alley/hang-out. Maybe we can make a whole lot of good happen here in my home town!! I’d love to see that and you! We certainly have a lot of Nicky fans and Buffy fans, for that matter, here in SLC!! ❤️????

    1. That would be AMAZING! Nicky has always said it’s one of his favorite events and the crew there are always so good to him. ❤️

  2. Hello. I know you get a lot of people who judge you and talk bad about you…and even a lot of people who tell you they understand. Well I cant even imagine what your going through or have went through. But Im a true fan. Your amazing and Im proud of you. You have over come so much and I believe in you. Any goal or goals you have set for yourself. I wholeheartedly believe you will accomplish them.

  3. Hi Nick, understand totally the the curse of mental illness,glad to see your still up about and not locking yourself in your own world and surroundings, keep strong brother things may not disappear but we do learn how to combat it,and yes watched all Buffy episodes through the 90s so keep ya chin up and keep fighting it.

  4. I love what your doing with the tours, is love to get out to show, or however you call it. I am just myself, learning to deal with sever depression, anxiety, and oh the joys of adult adhd, ECT. Of course you where my favorite in buffy, and I love a lot of the off, I guess you could say, movies you’ve done. I hope you get to get your mental health in order, its no easy task. So from one who struggles to another, I wish you best health, and of course luck. Head high, good sir.

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