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Science is Fiction

A20X41 Grin and Barrett Print
“Science is Fiction” | Art Print based on “Grin and Barrett” Original Painting by Nicholas Brendon

This work is a very important painting for me as it portrays the struggle between the economic uncertainty facing the world right now and the vast chasm between the “haves” and the “have-nots.”

The starkness of not having shadows in this timeless classic juxtaposed to the rich deep reds is almost too much for the eye to behold. The lack of shadows would indicate that it’s a summer sun and that it’s very warm outside – if not downright hot. This, of course, bespeaks of the classic metaphor “chaos is a friend of mine.”

The second notable charastic one notices in this soulful gem is the brushstrokes. Never before have brushstrokes of this importance been seen. The word “decadent” comes to mind. Each brush stroke was meticulously placed giving the masterwork not only the pathos and gravity a work of this magnitude so clearly deserves, but if you do that thing where you let your eyes go blurry and look at the art that is really just a bunch of dots and this thing comes floating out of it…LIKE IT’S RIGHT THERE AT THE TIP OF YOUR NOSE!! (like…like…it’s magic or some-shit…like, fucking…like sorcerer-shit), well this doesn’t do that. But what it does do is make the world in these uncertain times make even less sense than before you ever laid eyes on this genius gem of absolute magnificence.

This clearly is the work of an idiot savant at the top of his game. Now if this isn’t the top of his game, then look out world – you are in store for “chaos” as one human shouldn’t have this much talent.

So, in this painting the “father” looking at his “son” reflects todays social climate and the current narrative. The “father” is saying to his wife “Jesus Christ Betty, it’s a scorcher.” And Betty replies “did you hear that Joe Biden believes in science AND that Joe Biden…if he were to become president…would listen to that idiot Dr Fauci as it relates to the Covid 19 disease?”

“Oh boy…here we go again,” Henry thinks. Trying to change the subject, Henry quickly pivots and says “hey, you want biscuits? I brought them from the house?”

Betty replies “did you hear that Joe Bidon believes in Science?”

The penguin toddler is just a random child that wandered from his mommy at the Fun Zone at McDonalds. She is very worried and is kicking herself that they didn’t go to Burger King.

Betty doesn’t even notice the intrusion.

Henry looks at this intruder and thinks “are our beaks really the the same shape as this kids? This is not a good look.”

“Hey Betty, does my beak look like this deformed infants?”

Betty stares what seems like through Henry…

Henry speaks in a much louder voice. There’s a shrill to his words A very loud and uncomfortable sound. “Hey Betty, this kid is freaking me out. Could you find its mom there or at the very least just push it in the other direction?”

Betty says “did you know that Joe Biden believes in Science?’

Want a Henry, Betty, and Random Toddler Family Portrait of your very own?

The original “Grin and Barrett” painting has already found a good home. However, “Science is Fiction” prints and merchandise are available for adoption. Below is just a small sample. If you prefer original paintings, you can browse what’s available with your web browser on NickyBrendon.com.

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“Science is Fiction” Framed Art Print

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1 thought on “Science is Fiction”

  1. Nicholas brendon, whom prefers to be called nicky. Nicky is a man that has been though the very worst that life and humanity has to offer. Even thou nicky has gone thou what he has in life.
    Nicky would help anyone that needed help. Nicky has shown the the will, strength, integrity, passion and foresight to move forward with the best that humanity has to offer. A man with a heart of gold, the passion that can over come. Nicky is a man that has exstreamly shown that no matter what you have had happen to you in this life you are still a person and all people no matter what satire in life matter. Nicky is one of a kind not only with his talent as an actor but with his unprecedented art work. Nicky is creative, imaginative, compassionate, giving, insightful, caring, down to earth person, humility, humour, the passion into everything he dose. Nicky is a man that proudly wears his heart on his sleeve and would give his shirt to help a fellow person. With all of this said with all he knows and has gone thou just imagine what an amazing performance he has to offer as the extraordinary actor that he is.
    The roll he played in Buffy as a Alexander Harris was and still to this day is beloved by many.

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