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Back To Binging Buffy With Nicholas Brendon

Binging Buffy with Nicholas Brendon, AKA Xander Harris

Hey everyone! We are officially back to binging Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Nicholas Brendon, the one and only “Xander Harris”, starting back with Season 2.

You can find him streaming LIVE on Facebook and Twitch, streaming every Saturday at 4PM ET (or as close to it as we can manage). If you missed this Saturday’s commentary, you can click here to find the collection of commentaries on Facebook.

Find out the scoop on the next two months below!

February & March CAN’T MISS!

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That’s right! Not only are we binging Buffy with Nicholas Brendon but he’s giving away autographed photos, scripts, and a hangout invite!

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Binging Buffy with Nicholas Brendon

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  1. Totally love the new line up. Going to be a brilliant month. Thank you for the amazing new, the exordinary layout. Amazing work and news. Will be watching in great enjoyment. Hugs kisses

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