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Shelter in Place

a poem by Nicky Brendon
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In the space of less than 24 hours a cataclysmic catastrophe that has become all too commonplace has disgraced this nation.
The tragedies – El Paso, Texas: 20 dead. Dayton, Ohio: 9 dead.

Mass shootings. Mass massacre.
Mourners come out in the masses.

Then we all wait for that dreaded talking godhead to calm our fears,
With “my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

It’s clear that they don’t recognize how severe the problem is.
Or how searing the pain is by how sincerely insincere and cavalier they all appear.

They don’t stray. They stay the course.
They don’t veer. They can’t. They’re not steering.

They’re always checking the atmosphere for what they should hold on to near and dear.
The lines have been blurred and are far from clear.

Their steadfast resolve is to absolve those responsible.
It’s irresponsible. Reprehensible and indefensible.

They’re magicians. All smoke and mirrors.
God forbid they shed a tear.

These inbred talking heads have us all seeing red.
And to that we say “nyet.” Put down the god damn vodka gimlet.

Time and time again we watch as they aid and abet.
You’re the NRA’s potty-trained domesticated pets.

Instead of neutralizing the actual threat,
These house pets hem and haw until we forget what got us so upset to begin with.

We need to outlaw assault rifles period.
We will never forget.

Your beliefs to the contrary are fundamentally flawed.
I’m not infringing on one’s right to bare arms.

I cringe when the lunatic fringe brimming with unhinged citizens begins their argument about the 2nd amendment.
Let’s drop that shit. You sound like a fucking twit.

A nitwit that doesn’t get that their being played; so you can keep your hand guns and hunting rifles.
But if you think that assault rifles should be permitted then you’re the one stifling progress and snuffing out human life.

In the end, it’s not about a systematic failure of thought or politics or even the fucking 2nd amendment.
It’s about the victims. Not just victims. Not just afterthoughts.

They are my hope. My salvation hereafter.
Remember them for the joy and laughter they brought, and not a footnote in this disaster.

7 thoughts on “Shelter in Place”

  1. Nicky, thank you for sharing your poem. It teared up my weary eyes. Your eyes are clear. I love your wordsmithery.

  2. Nicholas Brendon,
    Wow that is heartful & full off soul. As I was reading it was like I could hear u reading it to me,keep up the good work hun your amazing & loved more than u realized. ❤ Shannon Harris

  3. Nicky, I love your poems. You have a clear vision and a seething rage I can relate to. Plus, you rhyme on top of it all! 😉

    This one is heartbreaking and inspiring. I like that combo too.

    1. I am just going to keep posting comments. I am glad an assault weapons ban is at least in the national conversation now, and things like your poem are the reason why.

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