Get Your Cameo Video Message from Me!!!

I just joined Cameo this week and I have to say I’m really enjoying it!

Want a special birthday message or shout-out? A Xan-Man quote from the man that was Xan? For me to sing a few bars of your favorite song or read a few lines from your favorite book?

Book me on Cameo and I can make these dreams (and many more!) a reality!!!

Book your Cameo now…


Sarah and I (…& Auntie T!) are expecting a new addition to the Slightly Askew family. Here is a first peek at my new companion…Miss Green!

Miss Green is currently finishing her training in New Hampshire under the careful guidance of Wesley Tyers CPDT-KA. I’ll be joining them shortly to finish up home training and then she will be joining us on the tour. Hope everyone gets a chance to meet her. <3

To help celebrate, we are offering code “MissGreen” for 10% off everything in the store including meet & greets until July 31, 2019!

(Photos courtesy of Honour Kimball Photography.)