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March 7 @ 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

I Only Have Eyes For You - Nicholas Brendon Scooby Hangout
Hangout and chat via video with Nicholas “Nicky” Brendon (“Xander Harris” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and “Kevin Lynch” on Criminal Minds) along with a small group of new ‘Scooby’ friends. Group hangouts include plenty of ways to have fun together for the first hour. This includes watch parties to sing-a-longs depending on the event. Following the group hangout, Nicky will have 1:1 calls in a separate chat breakout room while the full gang continues to enjoy each others company. A group Watcher will be available prior to and during the hangout and chats to help answer your questions, get you setup with the required tech, and help to make sure the group has an extraordinary time.

Nicholas Brendon’s Hangout Schedule

December 2020 Events

January 2021 Events

  • 8th at 8PM ET: Undead Poets Social Shared Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Ticketed Event
  • 17th at 4PM ET: 2021 Time Warp Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Ticketed Event

February 2021 Events

  • 14th at 6:30 PM ET: Love Spells and Sh!t After-Party Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Commentary LIVE at 5:00 PM & Ticketed Event
  • 19th at 8:00 PM ET: Meet Me At The Bronze Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Commentary LIVE & Ticketed Event
  • 26th at 8:00 PM ET: Be My Plum Sauce Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Ticketed Event

March 2021 Events

  • 7th at 6:30 PM ET: I Only Have Eyes For You Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Commentary LIVE at 5:00 PM & Ticketed Event
  • 12th at 8:00 PM ET: Artists’ Club Day Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Ticketed Event
  • 21st at 5:00 PM ET: Singing In The Rain Hangout & 1:1 Chats – Commentary LIVE at 5:00 PM & Ticketed Event

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Notes from Management

  • Event times are subject to change slightly. Updates will be sent via email and updated on the Facebook page for each event.
  • Management reserves the right to ask you to postpone your 1:1 chat until a future date and/or time if the hangout event runs over. We will work to make sure time is preferable to you.
  • Management reserves the right to attempt to keep Nicky from doing anything too crazy…but no promises!
  • Nicky is an entertainer and comedian. Expect a stream of consciousness.
  • Nicky & his management have the right to refuse a ticket holder. If refused, the ticket holder will receive a full refund less any fees from the ticketing company.

Event Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that Nicky is a creative person and the hang-out material is not rehearsed. Also due to its spontaneous nature, it isn’t edited. TRIGGER WARNING! Nicky would never say anything to intentionally trigger someone or hurt their feelings. However, sometimes content may contain sensitive subject matters. Nicky is also a survivor of abuse and has PTSD with triggers of his own. He respects everyone so please respect him in return. Please bring any questions or concerns to his team’s attention so we can assist you or rectify any issues immediately By purchasing this item, you acknowledge and accept the above disclaimer. Email Info@NickyBrendon.com if you need more information.

About Nicholas

NICHOLAS BRENDON is an American ActorWriter, and Artist. He is best known for playing “Xander Harris” in the cult television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played fan favorite “Kevin Lynch” on Criminal Minds. View his complete list of acting work at IMDB. Nicky spent the last two years touring the United States and Europe to help raise mental health awareness. This included his 2018 Kicking Depression in the Ballsack Tour and his 2019 Happiness Runs Amok…Because I Give Amok! Tour. Follow Nicky’s on Facebook. Nicky recently discovered a love of painting. He has been creating new designs at a crazy pace to share with his fans. Imagine the creative chaos that ensues! Check out Nicky’s artwork, photography, and merchandise in the shop. The only 100% direct source of Nicholas Brendon autographs and memorabilia is NickyBrendon.com.

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