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Nicholas Brendon Meet & Greet Tour – Scotland

April 8 @ 6:30 pm - April 12 @ 9:30 pm

Nicholas Brendon Meet & Greet Tour - Scotland

The Happiness Tour will soon Run Amok in Scotland!

Nicky will be bringing his world tour to Scotland this April and we need your help. Take the polls, join the newsletter, spread the word!

We will use the info to plan the cities and types of events to do in each location.

If you have a line on possible venues, comic book stores or cool locations that could host or spread the word, discount hotel options, nice Airbnb’s, or any other contacts that could help us make this an amazing tour, please email Info@NickyBrendon.com

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Please only vote if you live in the area and plan to buy a ticket. The polls are used to determine where the Meet & Greet events will take place so it’s important that we have accurate information and understanding of interest in each city. THANK YOU! 


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