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NickyB Commentary – Buffy’s “Hush” – Video Chat, After Party, or Watch Live

October 30 @ 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


 Nicholas Brendon Hang Out and Hang In There (Virtual) Tour – Hush Commentary

Catch ‘Nicky’ Nicholas Brendon (“Xander Harris” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Commentary on the series quietest episode, “Hush” and consider doing more than just watching! Streaming LIVE from Facebook & Twitch on Friday, October 30th, 3PM ET.

Nicky loves hosting LIVE events and virtual private events for his fans! They have helped many feel included, extraordinary, and down right giddy. Through test and errors over the past several months of lives & commentaries, it’s finally time to offer the fans MORE!!!

You don’t to stay quite, type questions, and hope for responses anymore…

You now can have options to get loud!

  1. Join Nicky’s Buffy Commentary in his Video Hang room!
  2. Video chat at the After Party! Ask anything or maybe sing together.
  3. Don’t Hush over an AuToGrApH!!! VIP Passes include an autographed commemorative Hush Collage! (there will be live giveaways too)
  4. Attending the free Live Commentary only still? Ensure your questions are priority read by becoming a supporter or sending stars through Facebook. Without it you’re just getting lucky! Tune into Twitch LIVE or click Going on the Facebook Live event! (READ BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION)
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Click Image to see more or make purchase!

This event is for commentary, educational, and entertainment purposes only and at no way is a screening. Thank you for continuing to love and support one another over such a meaningful and impactful series. Please shop for official Buffy HERE…


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