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Order Phone or Video Calls and Messages from Nicholas Brendon – “Xander Harris” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and “Kevin Lynch” on Criminal Minds!

Nicky has spent the last two years on the road raising mental health awareness across the United States and Europe. This includes his 2018 Kicking Depression in the Ballsack Tour and his 2019 Happiness Runs Amok…Because I Give Amok! Tour. Now you can join Nicky Online during his Hang Out & Hang In There Tour!

He has recently discovered a love of painting and has been creating new designs at a breakneck pace to share with his fans. You can just imagine the creative chaos that ensues! 😉

Nicky is now offering personal phone or video calls and messages for his fans right on his personal website. Ask him just about anything and he’s likely to answer so be careful what you wish for. There just might be a vengeance demon listening in!

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