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Nicholas Brendon Video Message




Nicholas Brendon will record a Video Message for you or a person you name. The Video Message will be a minimum of 5 minutes. Depending on the day, the topic, and his schedule the video may be longer. (If you’ve seen his Cameos or ordered a video message, Nicky tends to engage longer than other celebrities!)

Describe your Nicholas Brendon Video Message request in the notes during checkout and provide the contact information for where you would like the video file to be sent. Please spell the name phonetically if needed as well. We will contact you if needed to clarify the content of the video. We will also contact you if there are any issues or if content is rejected.

A Few Ideas
    • You can ask him about filming Buffy or Criminal Minds.
    • Nicky will sing and dance.
    • He can answer some of life’s more perplexing questions.
    • Nicky will wish good tidings to you or your friend/family/significant on special occasions.
    • He can give you a special sneak preview of his latest artwork or poem.
    • Nicky can even perform your marriage ceremony!*
    • You name it & he will probably do it!*
    • It’s your video so be creative!
    • You can find additional ideas and sample scripts at this link.
Notes from Management
    • Nicky is not ordained! Any marriage ceremonies WON’T (we repeat…WON’T) be valid!
    • Management reserves the right to attempt to keep Nicky from doing anything too crazy…but no promises!
    • Nicky is an entertainer and comedian. Expect a stream of consciousness.
    • Nicky & his management have the right to reject a video request for any reason. If it’s rejected, you will be able to modify the content for approval.
Content Preference

To provide guidance, please choose the content rating you prefer for your video message from the drop down list.

Nicholas Brendon Autograph Content Preferences


Please keep in mind that Nicky is a creative person and the video material is not rehearsed. Also due to its spontaneous nature, it isn’t edited.

This video is for your own personal use. We ask you to use your best judgement before sharing it publicly if any content is sensitive in nature.

TRIGGER WARNING! Nicky would never say anything to intentionally trigger someone or hurt their feelings. However, sometimes content may contain sensitive subject matters. Nicky is also a survivor of abuse and has PTSD with triggers of his own. He respects everyone so please respect him in return. Please bring any questions or concerns to his team’s attention so we can assist you or rectify any issues immediately.

By purchasing this item you acknowledge and accept the above disclaimer.

If you need additional clarification regarding the disclaimer, please email Info@NickyBrendon.com.

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3 reviews for Nicholas Brendon Video Message

  1. Jessica Woo (verified owner)

    I just received my video today, there was a bit of a delay, but was definitely worth the wait. Nicky is such a kind warm hearted human being. He responded to all my questions and more. Unfortunately he was unable to dance due to him pending surgery. But he did say he would send me another video once he gets the surgery done, and recovers. Which is awesome!! I want to thank Nicky so much! You are truly special and super funny!! Xoxo Love you!

  2. Cam Harder (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the video! He was super nice and a great storyteller. The video message really made my day.

  3. Kayla Knight

    Dream come true for me!

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