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Nicholas Brendon Special Sunnydale Shout-out or Video Message




Nicky will be returning to the Hellmouth in early October for his brother’s wedding and plans to almost literally dodge the fires of hell to visit some of your favorite Sunnydale locations and share some Buffy memories. Because his schedule will be unpredictable, we don’t know exact locations, dates, or times. What we do know is that he will at least visit Sunnydale High School (Torrance) and Angelus Cemetery and maybe a few other “hot” spots in between.

Here is your chance to get a special shout-out (addressed to you from a “Sunnydale” location plus a Xander quote) or video message (about 5 minutes) direct from the mouth of Xander and somewhere in the mouth of hell!

Current California “Fire Map”

California Fire Map
California Fire Map

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Shout-Out (short video), Video Message (longer video)


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