“Point of No Return” | Products by Nicholas Brendon Now Available on RedBubble


Apparel, accessory, and home products featuring “Point of No Return” original artwork by Nicholas Brendon are available on RedBubble.

This painting was created between Massachusetts and New York during Nicky’s 2019 Happiness Runs Amok…Because I Give Amok! Tour. The original painting is acrylic and gouache on canvas and measures 36″ X 36″.

Prints are available on Nicky’s Pixel Store via Fine Art America.


Apparel, accessory, and home products featuring artwork and photography by Nicholas Brendon are available on RedBubble.

Autographed Prints

All prints of Nicky’s art and photography can be ordered with an autograph. Email us for options and pricing.

Original Paintings

Some of Nicky’s original artwork is now for sale. Email us to check availability of each piece if interested in purchasing the original painting.

About Nicholas

NICHOLAS BRENDON is an American ActorWriter, and Artist. He is best known for playing “Xander Harris” in the cult television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played fan favorite “Kevin Lynch” on Criminal Minds. View his complete list of acting work at IMDB.

Nicky spent the last two years touring the United States and Europe to help raise mental health awareness. This included his 2018 Kicking Depression in the Ballsack Tour and his 2019 Happiness Runs Amok…Because I Give Amok! Tour. Stay updated on his Facebook page.

Nicky recently discovered a love of painting. He has been creating new designs at a crazy pace to share with his fans. Imagine the creative chaos that ensues! Check out Nicky’s artwork, photography, and merchandise in the shop

The only 100% direct source of Nicholas Brendon autographs and memorabilia is NickyBrendon.com.

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