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Nicholas Brendon’s Kicking Depression EuroTour Starts in TWO WEEKS!!!

Nicholas Brendon’s Kicking Depression EuroTour Starts in TWO WEEKS!!!

Nicholas Brendon Kicking Depression EuroTour

I’m taking my enchanted journey abroad, denizens of the European Union*! Starting in Lucca, Italy for Lucca Comics & Games. Then it’s the tour everyone has been clamoring for…like the Beatles invading the US, like Germany invades Poland*, I’m invading your ❤️HEARTS❤️!

That’s right, it’s the maiden voyage of the KICKING DEPRESSION EUROPEAN TOUR with stops in ports of call such as, but not limited to, the UKGERMANYGERMANY…and the UK (oh, and IRELAND)!

Then I’m whisked back to the US and into the arms of my adoring fans for a quick holiday tour. I think I’m going to go with frosted tips* for this holiday season.

*Disclaimer: I’m aware of two things. 1) Brexit 2) Germany stopped invading Poland…oh, right 3) I’m aware frosted tips are… whats the word? Oh, gauche! It just seems appropriate for this holiday season.


31st-Nov 4th ITALY Nicholas Brendon at Lucca Comics & Games
3rd VIP ITALY Dinner with Nicholas Brendon at Lucca Comics & Games
17th BLACKBURN Nicholas Brendon at Blackburn Comic Con
18th BLACKBURN Bowling Meet & Greet
19th GLASGOW Bowling Meet & Greet
21st YORK Bowling Meet & Greet
23rd NOTTINGHAM Bowling Meet & Greet
24th BIRMINGHAM Bowling Meet & Greet
26th CAMBRIDGE Bowling Meet & Greet
27th LONDON (Croydon) Bowling Meet & Greet
28th LONDON (TBD) Bowling Meet & Greet
29th SOUTHAMPTON Bowling Meet & Greet
30th CARDIFF Bowling Meet & Greet


1st-2nd WREXHAM Nicholas Brendon at Wales Comic Con
3rd WREXHAM Bowling Meet & Greet
5th DUBLIN Signing Appearance at Big Bang Comics with Surprise Guests!
5th DUBLIN Karaoke Meet & Greet Sponsored by Big Bang Comics!
6th BELFAST Signing Appearance at Comic Book Guys
6th BELFAST Karaoke Meet & Greet Sponsored by Comic Book Guys
8th DORTMUND Karaoke Meet & Greet