Nicholas Brendon Sunnydale Virtual Tour Keepsake – Sunnydale Shout-out and Featured Autographed Photos Combo Special

Nicholas Brendon Back.2.Sunnydale Buffy the Vampire Slayer Location Tour

Take a virtual tour of Sunnydale with me (your Xander-shaped friend) this Sunday, as I live stream my visit to iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer filming locations and record personal Sunnydale Shout-outs! Following the tour, I will be signing featured autographed photos for fans.

This is your chance to get a very special message of your own. Available for a limited time. A Sunnydale Shout-out and Featured Autographed Photos are also available. Use code “Back2Sunnydale” for an additional $10 off Sunnydale Tour Keepsake orders over $50.

Sunnydale Tour Event Information

  • Date: Sunday, July 19, 2020
  • Locations:
    • Sunnydale/Restfield Cemetery
      1831 W Washington Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90007
    • Kingman’s Bluff
      3601 S Gaffey Street
      San Pedro, CA 90731
    • Xander’s Apartment
      844 S Plymouth Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90005
    • Giles’ Apartment
      4616 Greenwood Place
      Los Angeles, CA 90027
    • Angel’s Mansion
      2607 Glendower Avenue
      Los Angeles, CA 90027
    • Glory’s Penthouse
      99 S Raymond Avenue
      Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Time:
    • 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Pacific US
    • 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Eastern US
    • 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM Great Britain
    • 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM Sydney, Australia on Monday, July 20, 2020
    • Note: Check for your local time here.
  • Cost: FREE to participate & join! (But Facebook “Stars” are always appreciated!)
  • Follow the event on Facebook.

Featured Autographed Photos

Click here for more information about the event, giveaways, & special COMMEMORATIVE keepsakes.

Apocalypse 2020-ish Buffy Binge

ICYMI, Nicky has been keeping busy with virtual events on Facebook LIVE.

Last week he did a virtual tour of Sunnydale shooting locations & hopes to do it again in the next week or so (more on that later).

He’s doing a script reading and episode commentary featuring one episode per week from the very first unaired presentation to the season 7 finale!

He’s hosting live poetry slams, artsy fartsy crafting nights with his girlfriend Sarah of 1 Of a Kind Mind Jewelry, fan fiction readings (maybe with special guests!), fireside chats, and just about everything else he can think of to keep his mind and yours occupied while the world is dealing with a couple of pop-up Hellmouths.

Be sure to check the featured episode schedule for the next month as well as the Facebook events page for all of the latest details!*

*Each week Nicky is offering a special deal for the featured episode of $25 for autographed screenshots and $40 for autographed scripts or both for $60! Screenshots and scripts for all of the other episodes are always available at the regular prices and video authentication is available as an option.

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This Week’s Featured Episode: Season 1 – “The Pack”

Script Reading (TODAY) | Commentary (TBD)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 6 - The Pack
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 6 – The Pack

Upcoming Weeks

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Check the schedule for Season 2. Unlike Buffy, we don’t intend to take a summer hiatus!

Tune In for Exciting LIVE Events
All Week!

Nicky is currently filming a movie so the schedule is a little wonky but typically we try to stick with something close to the below with a few extra spontaneous live broadcasts when Nicky finds himself in the mood. <3

DayLIVE Event
SundaysFacebook Supporter Only Event
or Special Guest Commentary
MondaysAfternoon Fan Fiction Reading
Featured Episode Script Reading
TuesdaysAfternoon Fan Fiction Reading
WednesdaysAfternoon Fan Fiction Reading
ThursdaysFacebook Supporter Only Event
or Special Guest Commentary
FridaysArtsy Fartsy Crafting
SaturdaysFeatured Episode Commentary
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Did you miss Nicky’s Virtual
Sunnydale Tour last weekend?

Don’t fret, we are doing it again!!! Due to very popular demand, we are currently planning a second helping of the FREE virtual tour of Sunnydale with Nicky.

We received a few requests for additional locations and we are hard at work coming up with the best itinerary. More details to follow but if you want to avoid the website crash, you can place your location video shout-out and keepsake autograph orders below.