Nicholas Brendon Poetry Slam – Facebook Live

Nicholas Brendon Poetry Slam Facebook Live May 20

Nicholas Brendon’s Hang Out and Hang In There (Virtual) Tour!

Event: Nicholas Brendon Poetry Slam – Facebook Live

Join Nicholas Brendon Poetry Slam while he shares a few of his poems. If you’d like to share one of your own, check out the discussion post…you may be asked to join and share on the live stream!
Nicky will be answering questions from fans and having a special giveaway!


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About Nicholas Brendon

NICHOLAS BRENDON is an American ActorWriter, and Artist. He is best known for playing “Xander Harris” in the cult television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played fan favorite “Kevin Lynch” on Criminal Minds. View his complete list of acting work at IMDB.

Nicky has been hunkered down at his girlfriend’s mid-western home  along with her mother, cousin, Miss Green (their German Shepherd), Sunny (her Aussie), Izzy (the little diva dog), and two cats (one whom Nicky has grown fond of).

While awaiting up-coming knee surgeries, Nicky has been enjoying cooking for the household, painting old patio furniture and restoring old dressers, landscaping and improving the back porch which overlooks their creek and Nicky’s newest addition…his hand built fire-pit sanctuary!

Part of Nicky’s self-care is staying busy creating artwork, connecting with his fans, and talking to experts. His artwork and photography is available to purchase on merchandise and apparel as well as art and photography prints. You can also contact us to have your items autographed. Check it out in the shop!

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a poem by Nicky Brendon
audio file

I got dressed up. Feeling dignified. My strut was bona fide fire.
I stride with a pride to my ride when my reflection caught my eye passing an outside window.
I got broadsided with a melancholy that I believed was more than justified.
And had completely occupied my mind many times before.

I was suddenly preoccupied with a doubt and fear that intensified with each step.
I felt like an austere pioneer in the uninhabitable frontal lobe’s frontier of a blemished cerebral hemisphere.  
The cheer that was in my heart had all but disappeared and severely disrupted my conduct.
It was clear that these corrupt and violent assaults were and…

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…and with that thought I smiled on the inside.
I’m learning to not chide myself or deride my disorderly dilemmas.
Or the complexities of my diseased mind and it’s intricate little white lies.

I smiled again; this time on the outside.
I had to admit to myself that the thoughts in my head were counterfeit;
And I counterbalanced it with a commitment to not sit in that malignant bullshit.
To ask for help when it persists and to explore the causes that permitted my thoughts to be commandeered.

The damage I had incurred and feared so, had disappeared as rapidly as it had appeared. 
I just assumed the thoughts that consumed my time since my leaving the womb,
Would forever have me entombed in a state of doom and gloom.

I’ve adopted a thought process to forbid these morbid thoughts.
To rid myself of these unpleasant notions which almost had me broken.
I would tolerate it no more!

I gave it no more credence and found no more reason to feed it.
It receded and finally it conceded defeat and I let the sufferance finally commence.
What a beneficial difference that the simple act of acceptance made on my insane brains chronic pain.

I built a rapport with places and spaces in me that I once adored so and also once abhorred.
All because I explored the blessing of acceptance and learned the lesson of the blessings of my quirky imperfections.

So as I stood outside looking at my reflection that had abruptly caught my attention, my dejection was replaced with an affection and adoration.
I decided to override those snide sentiments and those amusing malicious musings.
And with that I picked up my stride, feeling more satisfied then before I had arrived at that outside window and my reflection that caused me disaffection.

As I swaggered away, rather than hate, I created in me a state of grace.
I smiled big on the inside and the outside at the same time.
Aristocat Cat Food by Purina really helped me change my mood…and you can do it too!

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