I’m on Cloud 9 over Clouds Con: Buffy 3 – Once More with Feeling

I’m on Cloud 9 over Clouds Con: Buffy 3 – Once More with Feeling! I’ll be attending October 12th and 13th in Paris, France.

I’ll be joining cast mates James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Robia Scott, James Leary, Rudolf Martin, Dagney Kerr, and Andrew J. Ferchland.

If you’re thinking about attending Cloud Con, I suggest you do! I’m planning to have a “Once More, With Feeling” screening Friday evening. Maybe you’d like to sing “I’ll Never Tell” together and ask me the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

If you can’t make it Friday, Sunday has a lot of singing and fun in store.


Autographs and selfies are available to purchase online and at the convention. We will also be offering special merchandise, only available at CloudsCon. Stay up to date by clicking “Going” on Facebook Event Page.

You’ve got some (Pangs)giving to do…

You’ve got some (Pangs)giving to do…

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Nicky’s News – Pangsgiving 2018

Slightly Askew
Enjoying the open road…creative & free!

Just a short pre-holiday update before the November newsletter comes out this Friday…

Special LIVE Pangsgiving Day Event

Join me this Thursday for my FIRST ANNUAL PANGSGIVING MARATHON!!! Details after the song break…

EuroTour & December Holiday Highlights Tour Discount Code!

Use code “PANGSGIVING” between now and the end of my LIVE Facebook event on November 22 for 10% OFF all Meet & Greets.

See full list of 2018 tour dates below or check the events page.

(If we didn’t get to your city this year or if you’d like us to come back, visit this post for details on how to make it happen!)

Caraoke: Everything She Wants

Nicky@Nyte Pangsgiving Marathon!

Thursday, November 22, 2018
5 PM to 8 PM GMT
(Check Time Zone Converter for Time in Your City)

Join Nicky Brendon, Xander Puppet, The Xander POP Twins, and The XanMan (and maybe a few SURPRISE guests!) as they cook a “traditional” American Thanksgiving Dinner LIVE on Facebook while watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer classic holiday episode “Pangs” as well as ALL of the Thanksgiving episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

Enjoy the episodes, the company, the humor, and the delicious food we will cook and eat in front of you that you won’t be able to smell or touch!

(Disclaimer: No Native Americans, Bears, Anya Puppets, or Penises will be harmed in the making of this LIVE commentary.)


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Nicholas Brendon Holiday Tour



Nicholas Brendon #TheXanManDiary
Nicholas Brendon #TheXanManDiary Risotto
Thought I was coming here to watch the USC Trojans play the Oregon ducks. Instead the lions showed up and tore the shit up. Like from flesh from bone. It was disgusting. It was a literal blood bath, literally. I’ll never be the same.
#Colosseum #AncientRome #TheXanManDiary

Nicholas Brendon #TheXanManDiary Cathedral
There’s nothing like a giant Cathedral to make Wee Xander feel more Wee than he already is.
#Florence#LoveIsPope #FlorenceCathedral#TheXanManDiary

Nicholas Brendon #TheXanManDiary Colosseum
Grazie muchacho! Risotto in Florence, ciao bella… Pretty sure I nailed it!
#TrainStation #TheXanManDiary

Nicholas Brendon #TheXanManDiary Train Ride
Good ole Italian baseball, I mean soccer… Shoot it’s a football field. As in soccer… I’m so hungry for rissotto I can’t think straight.
#italianfootball#TheXanManDiary #HangryTrainride

Nicholas Brendon #TheXanManDiary Train Station
Arrivederci! From Reading RR to Pennsylvania RR. Jumped the box car at B&O RR to Short Line RR like a true hobo.
#theydontcheckticketsintheboxcars #ridingtherails #TrainStation #TheXanManDiary

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