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Xander Inspired “You’re Extraordinary” Buffy Fan Concept Designs

You're extraordianry t-shirt by Nicholas Brendon on Model at cemetary

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Designs created by Sarah Allison with Nicholas Brendon to represent his connection to his Buffy fans, through his role as Xander, since filming the series.

Xander and Willow Hugging in "Grave"
Xander and Willow Hugging in “Grave”

Buffy Fan’s TOP Xander References:

  1. Yellow Broken Crayon
  2. You’re Extraordinary
  3. The Eyepatch

Collection Overview

Images of Buffy Quote Xander Inspired You're Extraordinary Apparel and Merch
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You’re not special… You’re EXTRAORDINARY!

BRAND NEW! Xander Inspired Buffy Fan Concept Designs – Apparel & Merchandise

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Q.) What’s “You’re Extraordinary”?


Xander: “They’ll never know how tough it is, Dawnie, to be the one who isn’t chosen. To live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night. I see you working here today. You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.”

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Q.) How can I get Nicky’s Autograph?

A.) Just choose the photo or memento you’d love signed then perfect the options to always cherish.

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  • "Solo Reunion" Photo Signed / Autographed by Nicholas Brendon
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Q.) Wait… WHAT!?How can I meet Nicholas Brendon?

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Q.) Are there products featuring Nicky’s Original Artwork or Photography?

A.) Absolutely! Your wish is our desire…

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  • Eyepatch Guy You're Extraordinary Flip Flops - Top View
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Q.) Are any of Nicky’s original paintings for sale?

A.) Yes! This is the ONLY place to find them!

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Q.) Why a Broken Yellow Crayon?


Nicholas Brendon Buffy the Vampire Slayer Grave

“You’ve come pretty far, ending the world, not a terrific notion, but the thing is, yeah, I love you. I loved crayon-breaking Willow and I love scary veiny Willow. So if I’m going out it’s here. If you wanna kill the world, well then start with me.”

Nichoas Brendon as “Xander Harris” from “Grave” episode in Buffy series – cited here.

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You’re Extraordinary Quote Continued…

Dawn: “Maybe that’s your power.”
Xander: “What?”
Dawn: “Seeing, knowing.”
Xander: “Maybe it is… Maybe I should get a cape.”

Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris and Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 Episode 12 “Potential

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